Splurge or Save: Baby Edition By Shannah Clarke

Having a baby is expensive, however there are definitely ways to save. With my first child, we basically bought everything new and it was PRICEY. Now, bring on baby number two and I was looking for all the ways to save! I've compiled a list of some of my favourite Splurge or Save products! Along with the GIGANTIC list of things I realized that I didn't need at all with baby number one! SO, I'm going to share my experience, let's chat! 

1. Nursery Furniture: 

This means the crib, dresser, chair, etc... SO this is something that the first time around we splurged, however, realizing the quality of stuff you can find on Facebook Marketplace (I bought a crib for Willow in BRAND NEW condition), I'm going to be honest when I say I probably wouldn't buy NEW nursery furniture again! So, this is a SAVE one for me! 

2. Clothes:

As cute as baby clothes are, buying a few outfits that you LOVE and then saving and buying 'lots' of used clothes for cheap. You can go through it, save what you like and resell! PLUS, babies really don't wear out clothing so more often than not used is still in new condition (toddlers are a different story). SAVE on the clothes! 

3. Carseat:

This one is different for everyone, however I'm going to give you my perspective from the mom of a VERY-fussy first born. We saved on the seat the first time around, buying a cheaper bucket seat. It was AWFUL. Rhett hated it from the moment he was born, assuming it was just him, my sister also used it for her son (literally the happiest baby on the planet) and he hated it too! SO, comfort-wise (because in Canada all seats go through the same testing), this would be a SPLURGE item for us! 

We went with the Britax 35 because of their standards when it comes to their limited use of flame retardants! BONUS is that I bought it from a friend (would only do with someone I trust) so I did end up saving! 

4. Highchair:

We bought an expensive, nice, fabric-covered highchair months before we ever even told anyone we were expecting. It was on sale (still for a ridiculous price) and we thought it would be PERFECT, we quickly learned after Rhett started eating that it was horrible to clean. I quickly ditched the expensive highchair and went for the $25 IKEA Highchair. It's so easy to clean, like SO EASY, you can literally put it in the dishwasher. 100% SAVE on the highchair! 

5. Monitor:

Again, this is a very personal decision for us. We breastfed and bed-shared for the first year, after that, we still really didn't use the monitor. HOWEVER, people who do have them say SPLURGE because they break frequently.

6. Toys:

Babies need to be entertained and stimulated as they grow, however all the toys in the world never seem to compare to a remote, keys, or containers for babies no matter how hard you try. Don't break yourself buying a ton of toys they will play with once, again you can find great second hand stuff or even DIY stuff, Sensory bottles are great, the simpler the better. But, toys are DEFINITELY a SAVE in my books (even for toddlers). 

7. 'Bells & Whistles':

by the 'bells and whistles' I mean, bouncy seats, swings, play mats, bumbo, Jolly Jumper, and so on, these I find are very baby specific. Some babies love some and hate the others, I would definitely say wait and feel it out, however Rhett's must-haves were the bouncy seat and Jolly Jumper! SAVE! 

8. Breast Pump:

If you're breastfeeding, a quality breast pump and the correct flanges are CRUCIAL for your journey. I did use a Hakka a lot on my journey but only because I had a really crappy pump with flanges that were WAY too big! There are a ton of breastfeeding resources available to learn which size is right for you! DEFINITELY SPLURGE. 

9. Baby Products:

This one is really important to me, this covers everything from diapers, soaps, etc. Baby products are among the surprisingly long list of everyday items that are shockingly toxic, that being said the words 'natural' and 'organic' mean literally NOTHING when it comes to advertising. Read the ingredients and do your research, it is worth it for your baby! For something like this SPLURGING up front can save a lot in the long run! 

10. Thermometer:

A good thermometer is a GREAT resource in parenting, being reminded that fevers are a good thing (in moderation) meaning your childs body is fighting something. However knowing the difference between a high fever and a dangerously high fever is SO HELPFUL. There are many different options of thermometers now, we have the ear one but I am upgrading to the forehead one soon! SPLURGE! 


Things I Had with Number One That I Didn't Use: 

- Diaper Genie
- Bath Tub
- Changing Table/Mat
- Wipe Warmer

What's on your SPLURGE vs SAVE list? 

- S


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