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Then and Now

 My daughters when I founded Cozy Gift

Then and Now

Meet Loni Parent
Our company started off as a "Mompreneur" business when my third daughter was born. With three little girls 4 years and younger I decided it was time to go back to working outside the home. I needed the break! But before I got out the door I realized that I wanted to be home for all the special little moments.

The decision to start a business happened during one of our "Special Moments" at the post office. Shopping for a perfect gift, buying beautiful gift wrapping, wrapping the gift, writing a greeting card, packing it to ship, piling the kids into 3 car seats was exhausting!

We all want to send something special to a friend but the process is so painful when you have little ones involved. That is how Cozy Gifts was born. I thought not only will I start a business offering a great gift idea but I will be sure to make it as easy as possible for new moms and busy professionals to send. Since then we have shipped not only all over the US but many countries around the world. Our attention to detail and care for our customers has helped us grow through word of mouth and repeat business. However in spite of our growth our loyal customers know that I am still personally available to take orders and chat with them over the phone.

Our business has also grown in the corporate world. What started as mostly a mom client base now includes many business men and women ordering client and employee gifts. We also have many corporate clients that for years have trusted us with their corporate gifting locally, around the US and to many countries around the world. We know how busy an office can be which is why our corporate clients appreciate our prompt and thorough customer service.

Whether you are a new client or have been with us since the beginning we look forward to serving all your gift giving needs!

Send Your Best,
Loni Parent

Cozy Gift
Cozy Gift has spent two decades cultivating a brand culture and a dedicated following upon a bedrock of trust. While delivering a quality product has always been important, the company’s real product is its service. Cozy Gift makes it fast and easy to send quality, thoughtful, well-presented baby gifts to a friend with just a fraction of the time and legwork necessary to shop for, wrap and deliver a gift in the traditional way. Your money buys more than a gift. It buys time, it buys peace of mind, it buys convenience. True convenience, not the type of convenience that we, as a society, have learned to equate with a sacrifice in quality. Through her attention to detail, Loni has created a company upon which mothers depend. Senders can trust that their gifts will arrive quickly and beautifully, and recipients enjoy the experience of unwrapping a beautiful gift from a friend with their new baby’s name lovingly emblazoned upon it. Cozy Gift is dependable, trustworthy and steadfast. You can count on Loni to care as much about this gift, this expression of love and celebration, as you do. The visual identity of the company will echo this refrain while also conveying the ease and power of the service provided. The dedicated customer base that blossoms from this place of trust, is not just a collection of individual orders, it represents a community. What Cozy Gift is seeking is not just revenue growth, but connection.