Gift Wrap & Greeting Card Always Complimentary With Every Order:      

We pride ourselves in a great presentation that is why all our products always arrive beautifully gift wrapped. We include a greeting card message and ship your gift directly to a friend, at no extra cost.  Our goal is to make your gift giving the best experience possible by making it quick, easy, including, great customer service and quality gifts. That is why, personalization, gift wrapping and greeting card are always complimentary with your gift order!

What Do We Personalize?:

We include complimentary personalization on all gift items that can be embroidered.  Some gifts such as blankets, blankies and towel hoodies look best with only a first name and that is how we personalize those items.  Other items that are bulky and can not be personalized are baby booties, belly blankets, travel pillows and knit blankets.  Otherwise, if it can be embroidered we are thrilled to personalize it for you!  

Best Name to Use For Personalization:

Parents love to see their little one's name for the first time on our Cozy Gifts! Using a first name is your best bet. After that a first and middle name if you know it is also appreciated.  If a nickname has been announced that is always a huge hit to include. Rarely is a last name used.  The exception is if you are creating the ultimate keepsake blankie with the baby's statistics; then you would request the full name and the parents will decide where in public they will take the blankie to be seen.

Special Requests:

Each item we sell has a section for any special requests you may have.  If we have your request available we are happy to honor it!

Personalization Fonts:  

All our fonts are in block lettering by popular demand. If the personalization is 11 characters or less the font will be 1 and 1/8 inches tall.  If it is 12 characters or longer the font will be 3/4 of an inch tall.  Once again we consider all special requests including font styles if available. 

Gift Certificates:    

Gift certificates make the easiest gift to send. They may be instantly emailed or postal mailed after payment confirmation has been received.

Local Clients May Pick Up Orders In Northern Virginia:     

Need that perfect personalized gift fast? Many of our local clients have enjoyed the special service of emailing their order and picking it up within hours. Running late for that baby shower, team sport or dinner party? Email ahead and pick up your completely gift wrapped gift in between all your carpooling! And of course there is NO EXTRA charge. We offer this service whenever possible, even on weekends, so keep our quick order contact handy: Loni@cozygift.com

How Long Have We Been In Business:     

Our great personalized gifts have been a huge hit for many years. Our personalized burp cloths have been our best seller since 1997.  Thank you to all our wonderful loyal clients!!

Do We Include Prices Or Invoices With Shipments?:

Almost every order we receive is shipped directly to a friend or client so we never include prices.  At your request we will be happy to include an invoice with any item.

Green Practices:     

We at Cozy Gift have been practicing being green since we opened for business in 1997. One of our first and major goals was not only that our gifts look beautiful when they arrive but that very little material would go to waste.

Office Supplies:     

We recycle office paper whenever possible. Most of our companies reports are paperless. All our Laser and ink jet refills are refilled if possible, otherwise they are recycled. We only use biodegradable cleaning supplies.

Printed Supplies:     

We do not circulate a brochure of any kind in spite of the occasional customer request. We direct our clients to our website and offer to mail any specific photo or printed material they desire on a client by client basis. We understand the name recognition that comes along with massive amounts of printed material but we feel there can be an environmentally friendly way to do business the “Green Way”.


For use within our offices we recycle all materials and supplies that can be re-used for our purposes. For disposal we recycle everything possible such as glass, plastic, paper, aluminum and used corrugated cartons.

Client, Employee Corporate Gifts:     

Our corporate clients have trusted us since 1997 to send our special cloths to their important clients, employees, family and friends. We would be very happy to supply a list of our corporate clients and referrals. Our corporate business has grown because we have valued each client by taking care of their gift giving needs and sending our quality gifts quickly and beautifully gift wrapped. Our corporate client gifts benefit from priority shipping, most ship the same day at no extra fee. Our goal is to make your company's gift giving the best experience possible by making it quick, easy, including great customer service and quality gifts. We keep all your standard company preferences on file for instant ordering by email, phone or text! Please call or email to open a corporate account for quick and easy ordering.

PH- 703-919-1232, Email - Loni@cozygift.com

Ordering Options:     

If you are uncomfortable ordering online, please feel free to call us by phone. We will gladly fill your order, 703-919-1232.

Quick Shipping:     

Most orders are shipped within one to two days. If you need a gift mailed through regular postage but super fast please send an email request with details along with your order. We will always do our very best to help when we can.

Rush Orders:     

Overnight domestic delivery is available from $30-$65 postage rate with credit card orders. Available in most areas. Order must be received by 11:00 AM E.S.T. for next business day delivery.

How To Order:     

You can order here on this website through the secure server catalog, by phone:  703-919-1232 or by mail: Cozy Gift, 10001 Georgetown Pike # 675, Great Falls, VA 22066.

International Orders:

We offer worldwide shipping where available. Postage fees vary and will be calculated by country. Countries we have shipped to-



New Zealand
United Kingdom

Shipping Rates:     
Rates based on order amount:

$1 to $20 - $7.95

$20.01 to $40 - $11.95

$40.01 to $60 - $12.95

$60.01 to $80 - $14.95

$80.01 to $110 - $16.95

$110.01 to $150 - $21.95

$150.01 to $300 - $29.95

Sales Tax:

Only orders being shipped to Virginia pay local sales tax. All other states are tax-exempt.

Our Guarantee:     

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. All your orders are 100% guaranteed.

Methods of Payment:     

We accept VISA, MC and personal checks.

Mail Payment by Checks To:     

Cozy Gift, 1917 Logan Manor Drive, Reston, VA 20190

All orders by check or money order will be shipped upon receipt of funds.

How To Contact Us:

By Email,  Loni@cozygift.com
By Phone, 703-919-1232
By Standard Mail, 1917 Logan Manor Drive, Reston, VA 20190

All Prices, offers, and materials subject to change.


Gift wrapping, greeting card & personalization always complimentary! 


Quality gifts and great customer service since 1997.