Client Testimonials

We appreciate our clients and love what they have to say about us. Starting the New Year off with one of our best testimonials!


Cathy L…..

I just wanted to let you know how much my friend loved the gifts from Cozy Gifts! She was so happy that both her daughters now have the lamb set! These really are the best gifts ever!


Erika K....I love your work...Leslie bought me gifts from your shop for our new're so talented!

Rebecca T...Thank you so much! I found you on an internet search for corporate gifts. We are small ... business and we have one of our customers that is getting ready to have a baby soon I wanted to send her something. You have unique items, good pricing, gift wrapping and the little case it comes in is so unique and the personal attention is something you can never find so I will tell everyone I know about your site. 

Thank you so much for everything!! I appreciate it!

Kelly B...He loved the gifts!  Thank you!!!

Miriam D....Just thought I'd share the message we received...Oh my goodness, we just got the cutest, most thoughtful care package in the mail! Thanks for for the hilarious burp cloths and precious blanket. Such an awesome gift!!! Now the problem is which burp cloth to show off first!!! 

Debbie C...Shared, "Oh my goodness - the most amazing gift arrived today.  Our hearts melted with all of those amazing things - wow!!!!!  You even remembered Fletchy!  Amazing - thanks so so much.  We will enjoy those items for years to come.  So special!".


Tracy H...Hi Loni, just letting you know that everything arrived in perfect order and SO cute! Thanks so much!   

Lori L...I just received my order thank you the baby lamb booties are adorable and loved your packaging can’t wait to give this gift

Beth E...There is no other place with this kind of efficiency and customer service....simply amazing! Xo

Lori L...I just received my order thank you the baby lamb booties are adorable and loved your packaging can't wait to give this gift.

Susan S...We love your burp cloths and never give anything else!! :)

Kathy A...You are the best. You make doing business with you so easy. I appreciate all your time in putting these bags together!!

Vicki O...Wow, you are lightening fast! ......Thank you so much! Please know that the last gift we sent was really well-received and so appreciated! As always, thanks for your beautiful (and speedy!) work. 

Caitlin W...My daughter sleeps with her pink teddy bear every night! They are the best!

Lindsey P...Thank you! We're in love!! :)

Blair M...Such wonderful gifts!!!

Ty B...Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!

Nancy W...Just delivered cloths to my neighbor and she LOVED them!!

Carrie J...Thank you....My favorite baby gift of all time.  I hope they take a picture. 

Jane A...You are the best!  Thank you.

Kathy R...We have loved what you have done since 2002.....when we received for the first time as a gift for our oldest of Four, the sweet diapers!!

Diane H...This is for a graphic artist that we work with......we love your gifts!


Kim L...There is not better baby gift that I like to send.

Sarah D...Love your shop, consistency, quality & reliability. 

Cathy L...We are excited to give another COZY gift to our friends. They loved the lamb set we sent for their son a few years back.

Caitlin G...I'm happy to keep sharing your awesome products with friends :)

Helen V...Now I am sending Cozy Gifts to grandparents...My friends are becoming grandparents!

Kim P...Best gift you can send to a new baby.

Jane P...thank you message from my friend...The little lovey and the personalized burp cloths are adorable. We love seeing Mason’s name on them. You are so kind to think of us.  Thank you again, for adding to this special time in our lives.

Ron M...Wow that is fast...You have always done such a great job with these...... Thank you

Jennifer S...Thanks. You guys are awesome! So glad to finally have another baby to give them to!  

Lindsey S...You're the best! Thanks!

Sue D...It's been a long time since I've had a grandchild. My youngest is almost 9 and the oldest is going into high school. My first personalized burp cloths were almost 15 years ago. My youngest is having her first in a couple of weeks and she has to have cozy cloths! 


Julia J...Thanks for getting them out so soon.

Melissa K...Awesome. Thanks, Loni!

Joe D...Thank you! You make life very easy for me!!

Amy W...My nephews twins are completely attached to their blankies that they got 3 years ago!! They call them their lovies and never go anywhere without them!!

Nancy G...they arrived quickly and were a BIG hit, as usual.  

Lori T...It has been a long time but my kids still love their blankets that we got from you.  

Kathryn S...Thanks again!!! They looked fabulous!!

Lisa N...Thank you for getting them out so fast!!! I don't know what I'm going to do if you ever retire!! Thanks a million!

Diana H...You are quick!...…I am also glad you still have this business that is doing well!

John B...Thanks so much - love the totes!

Kim P...You are the best and so are you burp clothes. There is no one that I send them to that does not think they are the best gift ever.

Nancy G...Btw, the Estella cloths I got a few months ago were the "hit" of the baby shower in Delaware.

Julie R...Thank you so much for doing such a nice job. Ana loved them!  

Leslie N...Thanks! It is adorably wrapped. 


Cathy L...Another satisfied recipient. The parents (and grandparents) love the lamb blanket, hoodie and burp cloths. The grandmother thought the burp cloths were too nice to be used as burp cloths and suggested that they be for "display". They love seeing the babies name on the beautiful gifts. You are great. 

Kim P...Thanks again for the fast service. 

Schuyler M...The set is great, thanks again!

Kim P...Glad to share your wonderful gift with friends.


Megan S...Thank you, they loved them.

Bill L...Your website and products look terrific...our “go to”.  

Kim P...You are the best.  I love shopping this way.

Jennifer F...Wow - that was fast!  They are beautiful - almost too beautiful to use!!!!! Thanks again.

Kristen B...Wonderful! Thanks to you! It is my favorite new baby gift to send ;)


Deena K...I think you shipped this before I ordered it!!!  Thanks!

Clare C...Thanks Loni, This is my favorite newborn gift to give!

Megan H...Our staff loves these gifts! Thank you so much.

Katherine H...Thank you so much for your help and quick response, it is greatly appreciated!  

Elaine T...I love the personal touch you do.

Megan M...We continue to be so pleased to have a relationship with you and your company, the cloths are always so well received by our employees.


Lisa H...Bibs look FANTASTIC. Cozy Cloths is my all time favorite place for baby gifts :)

Laura-Anne C...We love giving your burp cloths as gifts ever since my brother and sister-in-law gave us ours almost 5 years ago!  Now I send your gift baskets to every new baby!


Sarah D...I've just been so thrilled with your product all these years.

Meghan M...I always turn to cozy cloths for any baby gift...they are always a huge hit.

Susan S...They make the best gifts ever!"

Lisa N...I might be Cozies best client? People, this IS the best baby gift! Every new mother I come across gets this gift from me! They are indispensable!

Anne B...Thanks, great service!


Holly G...Thank you so much for making sure I received my clothes in time for the shower I was attending. They were a big hit! They always are!

Maura B...The cloths are the best gift for a new baby! Always a perfect choice.

Zina B...They loved them! Thanks for the prompt service!

Kathy R...I received the burp clothes as a gift 8 yrs ago, and have given them as a gift several times...they are such a fun unique gift, thank you so much!!

Michael F...Thanks very much. Wonderful to do business with you - always.


Steph S...You are such a great business woman. You do such quality work but always go a step beyond what is expected. You are why I always try and refer others to your website.

Gretchen H...I received some of these as a gift and they are awesome!

Linda A...I give Cozy Cloths for every baby gift, including all babies born to the employees of our company, which now has over 450 people.  We have been customers for years and have NEVER had a problem with an order--each and everyone has been a huge hit.  Loni always goes above and beyond with customer service, and orders are always prompt and beautifully packaged.  And you always know the recipient will never get a duplicate! I highly recommend for all the moms/babies in your life.


Sholeh M...It was a hit.  The box, the matching apron, the ribbon and the name on the apron was such a git.  My friend opened it at the dinner table. 

Meggan A...Wow! Cozy Gifts has come through again!  Not only are the hostess gifts we bought gorgeous, the packaging was amazing.  I was able to personalize my last minute order and get it the same day.

Elaine T...Company has fun, personalized gifts for anyone with a baby in their life.  One of the people that most appreciated the cozy cloths was a new grandma.  You can make up your own personal quotes for the cloths.  Customer service is fantastic! 

Beth E...I order the burp cloths for every baby gift I send.  The product quality is superb and creative and it is always sent out so quickly.

Linda A...I give Cozy Cloths for every baby gift.


Tiffany L...Thanks for your response and sending the order so quickly! This is the 3rd order I have placed with you after receiving them as a gift myself. I love your cloths!

Barbara C...Thank you. I appreciate the quick work. Will be ordering again and again.


Sue D...I will take the time to tell you once again, the cozy cloths were as always a bit hit.  Thank you so much for the great service!!

Tamara C...These are always such great gifts. Everyone loves them.

Marc W...Appreciate it. Everyone who receives these loves them!

Charysse O...My dear friend Carole W.... just sent me some of your Cozy Cloths and I absolutely loved them.  They will now be my gift of choice for all of those friends of mine having babies!!! 

Sue D...The cozy cloths were always a huge hit.  Thank you so much for the great service!!

Kristin B...We received some cozy cloths as a gift, last year, when we had a baby.........I know our friends will love them as much as we do! They are beautiful and such high quality.

Carol V...Thank you for being so prompt! What a lovely company you have!

Stefanie M...Thanks for the quick response. Your burpies are my favorite "new Baby" gift, I have ordered them for several of my friends, and everybody loves them. I was turned on to them when I received a basket for my daughter........I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon.

Susan D...I'm glad that you need my address. That way I will take the time to tell you once again, The cozy cloths were as always a big hit. Thank you so much for the great service!!

Jane P...My friend Kim P. in CO told me to tell you this: "Please let your Cozy Cloths friend know that I ordered a set for friends in South Africa.....and sent them to Durbin. They loved them.

Stephanie S...Just thought I'd send you a picture...........She is 14 weeks old and uses your burp cloths every day! Stephanie S., a loyal Customer :)


Mike D...A friend and his wife had received cozy cloths from me and have started ordering them for their friends, family, and clients, which is exactly how i started when a friend sent them to me when my twins were born in '03.....nice to be a part of your unofficial sales team.

Deniz J...Thanks again for your rush order! These cloths are my favorite present to give!


Laurie B...The cloths are adorable and I am so grateful for the amazingly fast service. Thank you, Thank you! 


Sandy S...I get so many compliments-this is the best baby gift ever! 


Laurel S...Thank you so much form making these cute cloths for me while I was visiting Jane!! WOW! Such short notice AND so adorable!!  My sister was so happy & surprised!!


Lynn K...I've gotten rave reviews on the Cozy Cloths. They're going to be a huge success on the internet.


Corinne C...Your product is the best baby gift I have ever seen and my favorite gift to the mother of a new baby...It has been great ordering gifts from you and talking to you over the years.


Burping happy babies since 1997!

Gift wrapping, greeting card & personalization always complimentary!

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